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    excavator parts

    Contact a John Deere heavy equipment service provider today. We provide Deere accessories and heavy equipment parts,construction parts,john deere used parts for all major machine types , including mini excavators,excavator,backhoes, wheel loaders or other types. We'll give everything to everybody. How do I find a solution? Call +86 15002025851 and request a part check. our quality is high, our parts warranty is 1 year for new condition parts,warranty is 6 months for rebuild parts .Are you looking for some assistance? Contact us today to find a spare.


    we can shipping parts by air or express,we also can shipping by sea if parts is heavy equipment parts.Generally speaking shipping time is 1-2 weeks by express and air,It's about 1 month by sea.


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  2. excavator parts diagram and 47 parts of an excavator

    Excavator Parts

    We mainly discuss the hydraulic excavator

    1 Excavator Main Structure Diagram

    1.1 Bucket

    The main working parts of excavators generally include standard buckets, reinforced buckets, rock buckets, etc.

    1.2 Bucket Link

    Connect the bucket and cylinder to increase the range of activities of the bucket.


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