Excavator Parts

We mainly discuss the hydraulic excavator

1 Excavator Main Structure Diagram

1.1 Bucket

The main working parts of excavators generally include standard buckets, reinforced buckets, rock buckets, etc.

1.2 Bucket Link

Connect the bucket and cylinder to increase the range of activities of the bucket.

1.3 Bucket Cylinder

The bucket hydraulic cylinder mainly controls the movement of the bucket.

1.4 Arm (dipper arm) and 1.6 boom

The main function of the arm and boom is to control the digging, loading, and other actions of the bucket. The boom is mounted on the track frame.

1.5 Arm Cylinder

The arm cylinder mainly controls the movement of the arm.

1.7 Boom Cylinder

The boom cylinder mainly controls the movement of the boom, boom cylinder generally needs to configure two excavators per excavator.

1.8 Seat

The seat is for the driver, which is convenient for the driver to operate the excavator

1.9 Cabin Assy

The driver's workplace, protects the driver, isolates noise, and maintains a comfortable temperature. Its structure is directly related to the safety, work efficiency, and health of the driver. The cab generally adopts a thin metal shell structure and is flexibly connected to the frame.

1.10 Side Door

The side door is designed to facilitate the observation and maintenance of the internal components of the excavator. it generally includs the pump door, engine door, etc.

1.11 Counter Weight (heavy duty)

The counterweight is to balance the movement of the excavator's boom, arm, and bucket.

2 Excavator Undercarriage Diagram

excavator undercarriage and partsexcavator undercarriage and parts

2.1 Track Roller

The track rollers of the excavator are mainly connected to the excavator frame and the track link. It supports the weight of the excavator. Usually, an excavator has several track rollers.

2.2 Tensioner Assembly

The tensioning assembly of the excavator is mainly to make a certain pre-tightening force. This force is between the track link and the front idler, Preventing the track from falling off the excavator. This force is achieved by springs on the tensioner assembly.

2.3 Carrier Roller

The carrier roller is used to support the upper part of the track link. preventing the track link from sagging too much and affecting the movement of the excavator.

2.4 Front Idler

The function of the front idler is to guide the track link.

2.5 Track link Assy

The function of the track link assy is to connect the track shoes and receive the power transmitted by the sprocket.

2.6 Link Protection

The function of link Protection is to prevent the track link from falling off

2.7  Track Shoe Assy

The function of this part is to provide support for the excavator and increase the contact area with the ground

2.8 Track Shoe

This part is the basic unit that makes up track shoe assy

2.9 Sprocket

Sprocket is the drive part, connecting the travel motor and the track link, and driving the track link to move

3 Excavator Hydraulic Parts Diagram

excavator hydraulic partsexcavator hydraulic parts

3.1 Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder is an actuator in the hydraulic system. Which converts hydraulic energy into the alternating motion of the hydraulic piston. it drives the alternating motion of the boom, arm, and bucket.

3.2 Swing Motor Assy

The swing motor assy (hydraulic motors) is an actuator in the hydraulic system, which converts hydraulic energy into alternating rotational motion. Through the cooperation of the swing Bearing ( slew ring ) , it drives the upper part of the excavator to do alternating swing motion.

3.3 Main Control Valve

The main control valve is a control component in the hydraulic system. Which reasonably distributes the hydraulic fluid to the various actuators. so that the actuators cooperate with each other to complete the predetermined excavation action.

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3.4 Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic pump is a power components in the hydraulic system. which converts the mechanical energy of the excavator engine into hydraulic energy. Excavators generally use a piston hydraulic pump.

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3.5 Travel Motor Assy

The travel motor assy (hydraulic motors) is the actuator in the hydraulic system. which converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, The form of motion is rotary motion. The travel motor drives the track link assy so that the excavator has the ability to travel. It's moving parts.

3.6 Foot Pilot Valve

Foot pilot valve belong to the control components in the hydraulic system. Through the manual control of the Foot Pilot Valve by the driver. The Pilot Valve outputs a pressure signal to control the main control valve to work

3.7 Joystick Pilot Valve

Joystick pilot valve works similarly to Foot Pilot Valve.

4 Excavator Engine Parts Diagram

Excavator Engine partsExcavator Engine parts

4.1 Engine Repair Kit

This kit includes a full or partial seal when you want to repair your engine.

4.2 Engine Cam Shaft

The engine cam shaft drives the rhythmic movement of the valve. controlling the engine to inhale and exhaust at the right time.

4.3 Engine Rebuild Kit

Engine rebuild kit including piston,liner, pin, piston rings, snap rings, and bushing. generally speaking, those parts should be changed if you want to repair an engine.

4.4 Engine Nozzle

The engine nozzle controls the amount and time of diesel injection, and these parameters are controlled by the engine controller unit.

4.5 Cylinder Head

The cylinder head is installed on the top of the cylinder block. which seals the cylinder from the top and constitutes the combustion chamber. The cylinder head includes intake and exhaust valve seats, valve guide holes, as well as intake and exhaust passages, etc.

4.6 Cylinder Block

The main body of the engine integrates each cylinder and crankcase. it is the supporting skeleton for installing pistons, crankshafts, and other parts and accessories.

4.7 Crank Shaft

The crankshaft is the main component of the engine, which converts the alternating motion transmitted by the pistons into rotational motion.

4.8 Engine Fuel Pump

The fuel pump delivers high pressure fuel to the fuel manifold to ensure a continuous supply of fuel to the injectors. So that the fuel can be injected as required.

4.9 Engine Controller

The function of the valve is to input air into the engine and discharge the exhaust gas after combustion. The structure of the engine is divided into an intake valve and an exhaust valve. The function of the intake valve is to suck fresh air into the engine and mix it with the fuel. the function of the exhaust valve is to discharge the burned exhaust gas and dissipate heat.

5 Excavator Electric Parts

5.1 Hydraulic Control Unit

Read the signals of the relevant sensors. It can output control signals to the hydraulic system. it ensures the stability and smoothness of the excavator's hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Control UnitHydraulic Control Unit
Hydraulic Control Unit for EC210BHydraulic Control Unit for EC210B

5.2 Engine Controller

engine controllerengine controller
engine controller for 4hk1engine controller for 4hk1

Through the calculation and analysis of sensor data. the sensor includes engine speed, intake air volume, temperature, etc. The engine control signal is output to ensure the engine normally working.

5.3 Excavator Monitor

An excavator monitor is a display device, it shows the working condition of the excavator, alarms, and prompts. it also is setting device for some working parameters.

Excavator Monitor for PC300-8Excavator Monitor for PC300-8
Excavator MonitorExcavator Monitor

5.4 Excavator Wire

Excavator Hydraulic Pump WireExcavator Hydraulic Pump Wire

5.4.1 Excavator Hydraulic Pump Wire

Excavator Engine WireExcavator Engine Wire

5.4.2 Excavator Engine Wire

Excavator Internal WireExcavator Internal Wire

5.4.3 Excavator Internal Wire

Excavator Outer WireExcavator Outer Wire

5.4.4 Excavator Outer Wire

5.5 Excavator Sensor

Excavator Speed SensorExcavator Speed Sensor

5.5.1 Excavator Speed Sensor

Excavator Pressure SensorExcavator Pressure Sensor

5.5.2 Excavator Pressure Sensor

Excavator Water Temperature SensorExcavator Water Temperature Sensor

5.5.3 Excavator Water Temperature Sensor

Excavator  Air Filter SensorExcavator  Air Filter Sensor

5.5.4 Excavator  Air Filter Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major parts of an excavator?

Excavator major parts include the arm, boom, bucket, hydraulic pump, main control valve, swing motor, travel motor, engine, etc.

What is excavator arm?

Please refer to the above mentioned 1.4 arm of the main Structure of the Excavator

What is an excavator boom?

Please refer to the above mentioned 1.6 boom of the Main Structure of the Excavator